Working in the Theatre: Makeup


This episode of Working in the Theatre: Makeup features make-up artists Brian Strumwasser and Thelma Pollard speaking about their craft and the paths they took to get to Broadway.

A character on stage is shaped by many factors. An important, and often under-examined aspect to the creation of a character and achievement of a production is created by the magnificent makeup artists on and off-Broadway. But, what does it take to achieve the prefect show-ready look 8 times a week? Makeup Artists Brian Strumwasser and Thelma Pollard share their journey on the creation and maintenance of a character in this episode.

Through Brian’s work on A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, we delve into the detail and dedication needed for one actor to change their look 17 times in a show. Thelma Pollard’s work on The Phantom of the Opera shows how a show’s longevity and cast replacement can continue to keep the life of a makeup artist on her feet eight time a week for over 28 years.

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