Working in Wardrobe


Here’s a video from the American Theatre Wing that takes a look at the work of the Wardrobe Department, specifically for the current production of My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center Theater. The costumes are created to fulfill the epic world that a play or musical inhabits. It takes lots of organization, maintenance, and often creativity to get the performers ready for each and every scene (and maybe even a quick change during a scene). They interview Patrick Bevilacqua, Assistant Costume Designer / Wardrobe Supervisor, Jessica Firorella, Internal Costume Swing, and Dean Amato, Male Principal Dresser for My Fair Lady.

The costumes are vast for the company of My Fair Lady at Lincoln Center Theater. They require multiple teams with various responsibilities to make the show run and look flawless. This video shows a slice of what they do, who they are, and how they work in the theatre.

“You hope, and pray, that the first day you meet your dresser that this is going to be someone you get on with!,” says actor Allan Corduner. “It’s like a sort of relationship, in a way. We laugh until we cry sometimes. Sometimes we’re laughing so much in here that I almost miss my entrance.”

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