Venue Membership

Premium Venue Membership has its advantages

Connecting with fellow colleagues, potential employees, recruiting, and networking your business is not only time consuming but It’s also difficult and we are hoping to help.

Our site will continually adjust to an ever-changing industry and as Premium Venue member the following has that goal in mind.

With a Premium Venue Membership on Break a Leg Network, you will receive:

  • Editable page that best represents your organization . You may up date as the seasons change and/or post upcoming shows, seasons, job openings and post auditions that will be generated on the main page call board.
  • Document drop box for any information that seems pertinent to your selected field. This can be job descriptions, sample contracts, employment or acceptance criteria and any other information that helps a person understand you.
  • 5 Minute video. If you have a marketing, introductory video or a photo presentation of your surroundings. This space can be used in any way that bests represents you.
  • Photo drop box for 12 promotional stills. It can be season highlights, facilities, faculty and staff working and engaging in projects or the beginning end results of the many hours of hard work.
  • Your Venue will be rotated in the photo loops within the pages that best define your field.

As our site continually grows and develops I will gladly accept recommendations and comments on how to better connect our members and keep Break A Leg Network an easily navigable resource. Thank you for your consideration.

Dwayne Ague

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Rates for Break a Leg Membership:

Basic Membership: Free
Venue Membership:  $15 per month or $150 per year

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