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Tree Hugger

tree hugger

 A New Musical by Matt Wolfe and Bruce Monroe 

Are you a fan of national parks? For several years now, I’ve been working with Bruce Monroe and some extremely talented friends to develop a musical about the life of John Muir, without whom the parks wouldn’t be what they are today. He was an adventurer with a poet’s heart, writing prose about nature that rivaled anything Thoreau or Emerson dared, and he spoke about America and its future with an authority and wit as sharp as Twain.

At a crucial moment in American history, he was there to speak of the need for the beauty of the earth to be preserved, not just for survival’s sake, but for the soul’s. It’s a conversation that never goes away, and it’s certainly timely now. I finally finished a website for our show as we begin to move forward and take next steps on the project. More soon.

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