TPS Unified General Auditions – Application Now Open!

TPS Unified General Auditions


TPS Unified General Auditions

Auditions dates are Monday through Thursday, March 5 – 8, 2018. 


The Unified General Auditions is a showcase of the region’s premiere talent. While experienced actors receive priority, well-prepared actors with various degrees of experience are welcome to apply.

Application Process & Requirements:

In order to audition at the 2018 Unified General Auditions, the following requirements must be met:

Once approved to audition, actors must:

  • Schedule audition time online and upload print-ready headshot and resume
  • Pay the $15 printing fee

Experience requirements

Actors must meet at least one of these requirements or they will be placed on the waitlist:

  • Active member of Actor’s Equity Association
  • Equity Membership Candidate (EMC)
  • college acting degree
  • 4 or more acting credits – fully staged, cannot be academic or self-produced


The Unified General Auditions are not intended for beginning actors; often it’s not beneficial for actors until they have reached the eligibility requirements listed above. If you would still like to apply, you can be put on the waitlist.

Based on auditor feedback, waitlist priority is given to those who:

  • Identify as a person of color; or
  • are of an under-represented age group.

All others on the waitlist will be prioritized based on number of eligible credits & other experience (classes, workshops, etc.) and date application was received.


Once approved you will be able to pick your audition time frame within a half-hour.  Depending on your status, only certain time slots will be available to you.

  • AEA/EMC, non-singing: Monday March 5th 10am-1pm, limited timeslots available 2pm-5pm
  • AEA/EMC, singing: Monday March 5th 2pm-5pm

If AEA/EMC actor is completely unavailable on Monday, TPS will make accommodations for a different day if spots are available.

  • Non-Union, non-singing: Tuesday March 6 , 1pm-4pm; Weds 3/7 & Thurs 3/8 10am-1pm, limited timeslots available 3/6 5pm-8pm, 3/7 & 3/8 2pm-5pm
  • Non-Union, singing: Tues 5pm-8pm, Weds 2pm-5pm, Thurs 2pm-3:30pm
  • YOUTH (Under 18): Thursday March 8, 3:30pm-5pm


Once scheduled, upload a print-ready headshot and resume February 16 and pay the $15 fee.  TPS staff will take it from there, ensuring all auditors receive your information in their actor packets.  Details on this process will be sent through email.

About the TPS General Auditions…
Each year the TPS General Auditions hosts 350-400 Auditioners and 45-55 Auditors from around the Puget Sound area. The UGAs are the indispensable starting point for artists who are new to town or just getting started. And they are an enduring, powerful way for veterans of area stages to stay fresh in auditors’ minds, show auditors a different side of themselves, or remind them why nobody shines brighter. Register today to participate in what has been, since 1999, Seattle’s single most important audition of the year.

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