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StrawHat Virtual Auditions – Application Opens Nov. 1

2020 StrawHat AuditionsStrawHat Virtual Auditions
Application Opens: November 1, 2020
Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021

How it Works for the Performer

StrawHat Auditions are open to non-Equity performers age 18 and older: singers, dancers, and actors. Opportunities are available in summer theatres, production and entertainment companies, cruise ships, theme parks, and special events.

Fees: 2021 Registration/annual subscription: $37 (non-refundable)

NOTE: Annual Subscription periods run from November 1st to October 1st of the following year. Pre-screen videos and hard-copy audition submissions are due by Jan. 15th. Applications received after this date will not be vetted, but actors can still post a StrawHat audition package and profiles will appear in our Actor Search database for the subscription period.

Registration: Complete the online form and submit your non-refundable annual registration fee (also known as your subscription), then mail your hard-copy application and supporting materials (see INSTRUCTIONS). Apply as a Song & Monologue, Monologue Only, or Dancer Who Sings (see AUDITION TYPES). Every submission received by the deadline date is given consideration for StrawHat Featured Performer status (see below).

Submission/Application: Posting of your pre-screen audition PLUS hard-copy submission of the application print-out with a copy of your 8×10 head-shot/resume are required. The application deadline is Jan. 15th.

StrawHat Featured Performer: In a typical year, our staff vet applications and select people for appointments. We can’t do that this year, so for 2021 we will select Featured Performers — people who would have received appointments. Just as Audition Appointment details would display on an actor’s page in our Actor Search, Featured Performers will display as well as serve as a search filter. To be considered for Featured Performer status, your complete submission must be received by the application deadline.

Your StrawHat Video Audition Package: All actors who register this year are encouraged to prepare, record, and post a StrawHat audition package for a complete online profile. Details and recommendations will be provided in the Premium Content section of the website.

Virtual Dance Call: In March, our staff choreographer will create and post a dance call tutorial, which you can view, learn, and then self-tape and post to your page. Detailed instructions for the Virtual Dance Call will be posted to the Premium Content section of the website. For some additional info, see our FAQs (key word Dance Call).

Casting: Registered companies will search and view Actor videos, as well as provide additional information on their companies pages, found in the Theatre Search.


Musical Theatre and Non-Singing Performers A StrawHat audition package should be no longer than ninety seconds total and present two pieces: time and choose your material carefully. Song & Monologue auditions should consist of a brief musical selection and a monologue. Monologue Only auditions should consist of two contrasting pieces. Most participating companies perform at least one musical in their season, so only a limited number – usually one third of those registered – are actively seeking non-singers. Recommendations on preparation, audition material, and self-tape guidelines are provided in our Premium Content section for registered applicants.

Dancers Who Sing are expected to have extensive dance training (10 years+) in multiple disciplines and musical theatre experience or aspirations. A StrawHat audition package should be no longer than 90 seconds and present two pieces, as above. Dancers should also post a reel of dance performance footage to their pages in addition to their StrawHat package.

Detailed guidelines and instructions on taping your StrawHat package, as well as the Virtual Dance Call, will be provided upon receipt of your hardcopy submission.

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