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StrawHat Registration Now Open: Design, Tech, Musician, Administrators, and more!


Calling all Technical Theatre Artists & Administrators!

Companies are in search of every skill set from AEA stage managers to running crew, from Technical Directors to spot operators, and everything in between – pit musicians, too. So make a great summer happen – register today! Post your profile and resume online free of charge and be front-and-center for employment opportunities in summer stock theaters, regional theaters, and special production companies. You’ll have access to what the theaters are doing this season, what positions are open and who to contact… if they don’t contact you first.

  • Create a profile page and post your resume to be part of our talent database
  • Directors, Music Directors, Musicians, Choreographers and Stage Managers (Union and non-union) are welcome
  • Directors & Choreographers; Music Directors & Accompanists; Designers (Set, Scenic Design, Lighting, Costumes, etc.): provide links to personal websites, YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, etc. to promote your work

Potential employers post their job openings, and then use our database to search for candidates. Interviews take place by phone – no on-site interviews required, unless at the employer’s discretion.

Visit for more information!

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