Shining a Light on the Bard


This past season at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre was one filled with light, love and magic.
Theatrical Lighting Connection was happy to be able to provide a series of fresh-off-the-line Martin Mac Encore Performance CLDs to add texture, color and a measure of grace to the performances. With the fixtures in a centerstage cluster and an open set, they needed the cool, quiet light that only the Encore CLD can provide. Lighting Designer Thom Weaver had this to say regarding the use of them in late-spring’s production of Macbeth:  

“I wanted the new Martin Encore CLD units for two primary reason: silence and precision… The Encores are an extraordinary combination of both. They’re essentially silent, and feature a level of resolution that’s unrivaled at this point. Throw in the fact that they’re just as bright as Vipers and have the full range of color needs, and they were the perfect unit for this production… I’m extremely grateful to the rental shop for acquiring the units right off the production line and getting them to us. Couldn’t have done the show without them.”

Co-Lighting Designer Greg Hofmann echoed Thom’s sentiments for the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

“Noise is a big concern in the Courtyard Theatre at Shakes since many patrons sit within 10 feet or so of the fixtures and there are often very quiet moments in the shows.  The Encores pack the punch of a much noisier arc source fixture and enable me to cover the entire thrust of that space with 4 fixtures.”

Lighting Supervisor Jeff Glass and his crew really knew how to make the magic happen on Macbeth, which made their next adventure into the fairy-soaked A Midsummer Night’s Dream a feast for the eyes. Lighting Designers Jesse Klug and Greg Hofmann are no strangers to whimsy, and they used their rig to transform time and space into the world of Titania and Oberon. The complex combination of saturated colors, elegant gobos, and impeccable timing lended itself to the ever shifting nature of this show, and enhanced the experience for all involved.

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Joe Dowling, presented in the Courtyard Theater, December 6, 2018–February 3, 2019. Photos by Liz Lauren.

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