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Seattle Theatre Tries Radical Experiment: Every Single Ticket is Free


“Starving Artists”

We all know the term, and many of us may identify with it. We work several jobs, pinch every penny, audition our tails off, work hours in production offices, and long shifts in the scene shop. As we save try to save our money, while paying our bills and paying off loans, it can be hard to find the extra means to see as many shows as one may want to.

Attending theatre is an important way to enrich yourself in the theatrical community you’ve placed yourself in, to learn new theatres, and to network.  And as a theatre, it can be hard to get butts in seats, especially if your primary attendees are in the arts.

That’s why Seattle’s Intiman Theatre had this “radical” idea to make every show free.

That’s right. FREE!

Learn about their “radical hospitality” below:

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