RWS Entertainment Launches New Theatrical & Development Department

RWS Entertainment


There’s a new kid on the theatre-producing block, and some shake-up in the casting world, as RWS Entertainment launches their new Theatrical and Development Department.

Since its founding in 2003, RWS Entertainment has become a full-service producer of branded and custom entertainment, stage shows, and experiences. Now, RWS is expanding from theme parks and cruise ships to the great white way—and plenty of smaller stages, too.

Veteran producer Joe Christopher will be leading the new department, and his goal is to make sure that RWS’ theatrical development and production work isn’t just more of the same. Christopher said in a statement, “The demand for commercial theatre content has never been greater but our industry’s current approach to development, especially new works, takes too long, is too costly and at times frustratingly inefficient. In keeping with RWS’ mission to “Raise Your Experience,” we are going to innovate the model for how theater is developed.”

Along with this news comes a big change for the casting world, as Binder Casting, which is a subsidiary of RWS, is expanding with film and commercial divisions. The agency’s namesake, casting director, Jay Binder, will be leaving casting behind to join RWS’ new department, as Director of Theatrical Development. The newly expanded Binder Casting will work in concert with RWS’ internal casting department. Binder Casting will now cast projects in film, TV, radio, and commercials, as well as regional theatre, national tours, and Broadway.

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