Preventing Overuse Injuries and Playing Pain-Free for Musicians

preventing injury

When the average person thinks about an athlete, often they bring up the risks and injuries that occur while playing their sport. When thinking about musicians, you might find that injury is often overlooked.

Dr. Noa Kageyama from Bullet Proof Musician had the opportunity to interview Janet Horvath, the former associate principal cellist of the Minnesota Orchestra and author of Playing (Less) Hurt: An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians. In this informative chat, they discuss the role of repetition injuries, taking advantage of “mini breaks”, musicians’ posture, and more.


Resources Mentioned in the Interview:
  • The custom-fitted Musicians Earplugs, by Etymotic Research (mentioned at 39:30): Musicians Earplugs
  • The disposable, single-use Howard Leight “Matrix” earplugs (mentioned at 39:38):  Matrix earplugs (@Amazon)
  • Foam rollers (mentioned at 31:45) like this one: AmazonBasics foam roller (@Amazon)

Additional Resources

  • Interested in learning more about hearing loss for musicians and what earplugs are recommended? Check out this article from Beginner Guitar HQ: Best Earplugs for Musicians 


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