Premium Benefits

Why become a premium member of Break a Leg Network?

With a premium membership, you have the option to use your Profile to showcase information about yourself to potential employers.

Here’s what’s included in the premium membership:

  1. Full uploading and editing of your Resume and head shot updates.
  2. 12 photo uploads. (These choices can be Portfolio highlights, Performance stills or you working in your selected fields. Choose photos that best represent yourself.)
  3. 90 second video audition upload. (Performers should use their standard format. Musicians, Dance, Technical and Support members use this time to visually present your work.)
  4. 90 second audio audition upload. (Primarily for performers to audition for a particular roll, vocal piece and/or Movement style. Musicians can use this time to play specific arrangement for potential employers.)
  5. 180 second Virtual Bio. (Take advantage of this time. The main purpose of this time is for you to have a chance to be yourself and talk about your goals, your struggles, what you hope your future holds. The people hiring you would like to know your personality. You can also use this as a way to present a full portfolio, a Power Point video presentation or whatever best represents you.)
  6. File exchange for paper work from people interested in hiring you. (Example: Contracts, Job descriptions and other important information to consider.)

Please remember we are trying to connect you to potential employers and your honesty, humility and even your modesty play key roles in securing you a job.