Scenic Design

How a Paintbrush is Made

Hey artists! Have you ever wonder how a paintbrush is made? Take a look at the video below to learn more about this meticulous process! via

Perspective on Video & Projection Design

BY: MICHAEL EDDY via Projection and video designer, Darrel Maloney has taken an interesting, if not circuitous route to where he is at the moment. Which is currently working on designing his seventh Broadway show. Maloney graduated in 1992 from NYU with an MFA in scenic and lighting design back when there wasn’t a whole lot of projection work going on in the theater. After working in—and looking for work in—theater for a while, Maloney quit to teach himself video production. He moved west to California, started a company doing post production and animations for television, film, and commercials. After about a decade of this work, he got a call from an NYU classmate who was beginning work on a new show and that it would be right up his alley and drew him back to the...

Get Up Close With the Props of Dear Evan Hansen

BY HANNAH VINE POSTED ON: PLAYBILL.COM A lot goes into putting on a Broadway show, from the performances and sound engineering to stage management and lighting. There’s so much happening onstage, that often, theatregoers miss the smaller details—like the props. We went backstage at the Music Box Theatre for an up-close look at the props used in the Tony-winning Dear Evan Hansen, and spoke to props supervisor for the the show Buist Bickley. Bickley gave us a run-down on how the props were selected and what steps are taken to maintain them over a long run. Whether it’s collaborating with the scenic or set designers to create a cohesive look, or making sure the materials are all flame retardant, every last detail is specifically curated for aesthetic and practical purposes. “Dear Evan H...

Table Saw Safety: Is Progress Being Made?

National Public Radio examines the ongoing discussion of table saw safety regulations between Steve Gass, who is the inventor of the 2004 “SawStop” technology,  the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and those opposed to this technology. Table saw amputations occur every day, and it is Gass’ hope to have the proven injury-prevention technology incorporated into table saws. You can read the article HERE. View SawStop in action in the video below. What are your thoughts regarding SawStop and other injury-prevention technology being incorporated into power tools? Have you used this or any other similar technology? Comment & share your thoughts below.

Broadway’s Amelie

Designers perpetually astound me. This week, I spoke to two of them: David Zinn, who dreamed up the magical set and costumes for Broadway’s Amelie, and Sandra Goldmark, whose set for Vanity Fair is a thrilling collision of metaphors. I love “reading” the design of a production, because understanding how sets, costumes, light, and sound impact a story can often be a key to unlocking everything.

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