StrawHat Registration Now Open: Design, Tech, Musician, Administrators, and more!

Calling all Technical Theatre Artists & Administrators! Companies are in search of every skill set from AEA stage managers to running crew, from Technical Directors to spot operators, and everything in between – pit musicians, too. So make a great summer happen – register today! Post your profile and resume online free of charge and be front-and-center for employment opportunities in summer stock theaters, regional theaters, and special production companies. You’ll have access to what the theaters are doing this season, what positions are open and who to contact… if they don’t contact you first. Create a profile page and post your resume to be part of our talent database Directors, Music Directors, Musicians, Choreographers and Stage Managers (Union and non-union) are welco...

8 Must-Haves for a Self-Tape Home Studio

Whether it’s a last minute on-camera audition, or a recording needed for an audio book submission, it is very helpful for actors to have the tools to create a home studio. Self-submissions are a common way to be seen for castings, especially if you are submitting to projects outside of the area in which you live. It may take time to accumulate the appropriate gear, but once you do, it’ll allow you to shine on film and for producers to focus on YOU and not the print of the wallpaper behind you! READ ARTICLE via

Lori Schiff: On How Alexander Technique Can Enhance Learning and Performance Under Pressure

What is Alexander Technique, and how can musicians benefit from it? How is it learned? Bulletproof Musician answers these questions and more in a sit down chat with Alexander Technique expert Lori Schiff. READ ARTICLE via

Pittsburgh CLO 2019 Summer Season Auditions

What:  Auditions for Pittsburgh CLO’s 2019 Summer Season – GREASE, OKLAHOMA!, PETER PAN, ROCK OF AGES and ONCE. Who: Trained Singers, Dancers, Character Actors, and Actor/Musicians. Please note that Chorus Members must be able to sing and dance. Most age-appropriate roles are cast from the chorus auditions. We recommend those under the age of 30 should attend singer and dancer auditions. Children’s roles under the age of 18 will be cast from students of the Pittsburgh CLO Academy of Musical Theater. For information regarding the Academy please call 412-281-2234. The audition date for children is February 10, 2019 GREASE, OKLAHOMA!, PETER PAN and ROCK OF AGES When:    Thursday, February 14th Friday, February 15th Saturday, February 16th Where: Benedum Center 719 Liberty Av...

Billboard Onboard Auditions

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Village Theatre Audition Announcement – Million Dollar Quartet

Village Theatre is auditioning for actor/musicians for the roles of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, & Elvis Presley for their upcoming production of Million Dollar Quartet. Auditions will be held at Village Theatre, Issaquah (WA) on Friday, June 8 from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. To request an audition time please follow the instructions listed below, you must have an appointment to attend. Character Description: Jerry Lee Lewis, 20 – piano prodigy, rock n roll’s legendary Last Man Standing Carl Perkins, 26 – guitar player, the first poet of rock n roll Johnny Cash, 26 – guitar player, a giant of American music at the dawn of his epic career Elvis Presley, 21 – guitar player, the first and still undisputed king of rock n roll Everyone MUST be a stellar ...

How Much Money Do Broadway Actors Make?

BY LOGAN CULWELL-BLOCK via If you’ve ever wondered how much your favorite Broadway artists earn for the work they do, you’re in luck. Thanks to public standard union contracts, we know what the base salary is for Broadway performers, stage managers, and musicians. These minimum rates are only for professionals on Broadway and are calculated by the week since, unlike other vocations who report annual salaries, artists will not necessarily be employed by their Broadway show for a full year. Data for actors and stage managers comes from Actors’ Equity. These figures are valid as of October 2, 2017, and are scheduled to remain through September 29, 2018, after which most of these rates will increase slightly. Musician pay rates comes from Local 802. Their rates are valid as of...

The “Forward Placement” Chart

MATTHEW EDWARDS explores the use of voice placement charts, like the one  pictured from Lilli Leghmann’s  book “How to Sing“, as a way for voice teachers to communicate with their students.  He goes on to say in his article,  “while some students may find placement charts such as the one above useful, many others will not. If you are getting good results with all of your students using placement terminology – great. However, if a student fails to respond, it is likely because their perceptions of resonance are different than yours or the creator of the charts they are using. For those students, focusing on vocal function will yield much better results than continuing to force the voice into a place it does not want to go. If you feel like your description of placeme...