How to Take the Elusive Note ‘Throw it Away’

BY: MARCI LIROFF via In a scene from director Mike White’s newest film, “Brad’s Status,” actor Jenna Fischer was asked to taste spaghetti sauce her husband (Ben Stiller) had just made. The actor found herself going through all sorts of machinations to find the intention of the scene. She realized, as she told an audience during a panel discussion following an L.A. film screening, that the enthusiasm and fun environment on set was all she needed to tap into to simply “love the …sauce.” I’ve given countless actors the direction “Just throw it away” in an effort to have them keep it simple and stop overthinking. I asked actor Joe Pantoliano (“Sense8,” “The Sopranos”) to share his thoughts with me on this topic: “ ‘Throw it away’ is a code-word action indicating less, q...

A Look into the Role of an Intimacy Director

What is an Intimacy Director? Writer Eli Keel of Leo Weekly explores the subject of onstage intimacy, the specific role of an intimacy director, and the process of their work.  Keel spoke in his article to  Alicia Rodis, a member of Intimacy Directors International about the “four pillars” of intimacy direction: Consent: Get the performers’ permission. Communication: Talk throughout the process aboutwhat is/isn’t working. Choreography: Don’t add anything extra. Context: Don’t change something in another scene without communicating about adjusting the choreography and seeking consent to do so. You can read the entire article here: How a kiss is not a kiss, and punches are pulled in acting What are your thoughts about intimacy direction? Should more theatres integrate this ...

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