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Arts Administration: The Brussels Manifesto

via AAAE is pleased to announce the release of The Brussels Manifesto on Arts Management, Cultural Management and Policy Education. Drafted in partnership with ENCATC, the European network on cultural management and policy and TACPS, the Taiwan Association of Cultural Policy Studies, the document is the first of its kind to present the current needs and future visions of educators, researchers, cultural operators and public authorities to make significant advancements in the field of cultural management and cultural policy. It is meant to raise issues to develop dialogue, and to offer an opportunity for discussion among our respective members and between our (and other) networks. View The Brussels Manifesto   The Brussels Manifesto is the culmination of a se...

Can you imagine going to jail for singing a song?

That’s exactly what happened to Maria Alyokhina, a member of the Russian feminist punk-rock group Pussy Riot. She spent almost two years in prison for criticizing her government through performing, and now she’s sharing her story live on stage in Belarus Free Theatre’s Burning Doors, a visceral new show about state-sponsored brutality. At a time when words like dystopia, oppression, and totalitarianism are casually bandied about, it’s an eye-opening play about using art to resist, and one of three politically charged works we profiled in TDF Stages this week.

‘Describe the Night’: A Tale of Adversity, Told in Adversity

Despite the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, the Alley Theatre miraculously managed to open Rajiv Joseph’s timely new play on time. BY TREVOR BOFFONE On Monday, Aug. 28, the last thing playwright Rajiv Joseph imagined he’d be doing was volunteering at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, then a Hurricane Harvey shelter. While rains continued to flood the city, Joseph was busy writing P.A. announcements for the shelter: what time showers were arriving, when meals would be served, when lights on and off were, where there were warm dry clothes, etc. For Joseph, the process wasn’t unlike rehearsing a new play. After getting feedback from his stage manager, Lori Lundquist, Joseph realized that he sounded like a “vice principal reading morning P.A. announcements.” But the p...

Theatre Masks Inspire Social Change

How Theater Masks are Used to Inspire Social Change BY JONATHAN BECKER This past summer 15 artists from eight states, Canada and UK gathered in the studio spaces to create new work using theater masks. The theme of the workshop was The Rise and Fall of the Other.  The intention was to create story that reflected the cycle that plagues humanity as concerns the ostracizing of those who are different or of the vilification of the outsider. Theatre masks inspired by masks from various world cultures were available to the workshop participants to use as is or to repurpose, repaint or modify in order to perform the stories invented by the three creative ensembles. Three stories were developed and performed for a small audience from community who provided very useful feedback following the presen...

How to Help Houston Theatres Recover from Hurricane Harvey

BY ADAM WAGNER – HOUSTON, TX:  After initial needs of recovery have been addressed, theatres may struggle to ask for assistance, know where to find help, or have difficulty in securing a place on the priority list of a rebuilding/recovery effort. Those of us in the theatre industry often function on minimal staff (if any) and funding. While major arts complexes may be prepared for a catastrophic weather event, there are other theatre organizations that serve underrepresented groups, youth, elderly, or people who can’t afford tickets to a play or musical. These smaller organizations won’t have the financial resources and human energy to apply for federal grants (for those who do, see info at the end of this blog post). These niche theatres and fringe groups have becom...

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SETC Theatre Job Board

Technical Director SPARC (School of Performing Arts in the Richmond Community) is currently accepting applications for the position of Technical Director, a full time salaried position.        

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