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NETC Virtual Auditions – Application Opens Oct. 15

NETC Virtual Audition Overview

  • With this new format, we anticipate that many casting agents and directors will participate in the event, offering both summer and year-round employment to performing actors, musical theatre performers, and theatre technicians, as well as Equity Membership Candidacy Programs. An average of 30 companies are represented at these auditions annually, including summer and year-round theatres (Equity and non-Equity), college-based summer theatres, repertory companies, Shakespearian and Renaissance Festivals, outdoor dramas and faires, music theatres, touring companies, children’s theatres, and dinner theatres, whose seasons include the classics, dramas, musicals, comedies, and revues. Casting companies and professional theatre training companies and conservatories are also represented.
  • All applicants will require a video to be uploaded. The applications will go live on October 15th and will remain open until January 15th.
  • The fees this year are as follows: one application will cost $50 and it includes a one year NETC membership or two applications at a cost of $75, which once again includes a one year membership to NETC.
  • We will also be accepting technical theatre applications for a fee of $20.  Technical entries need to fill out the application that is found on our website, along with a resume.  No video is required.
  • All applicants will have the opportunity to have their video auditions reviewed by theatre professionals, which will be announced in the near future, for an additional fee of $10


These auditions are open to non-Equity members and Equity Membership Candidates. Equity members are not eligible to apply.

Applicants must be college students or adults, 18 & older. High school students or individuals under 18 are not eligible. In addition to young performers, producers are interested in seeing mature, adult talent with professional experience and/or experience in community or summer theatres, for both seasonal and job-in employment.


How do I apply?

The 2021 NETC Theatre Auditions are VIRTUAL and the application is only available online.  We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to complete the application.

Carefully complete all sections with your most up-to-date information that best highlights your skills and range of talents. The acting experience sections allow you to add up to 10 productions you have been a part of.  Do not list scenes done for a class.

What is the deadline to apply?

Applications, student verifications and recommendations, and payment must be received by January 15, 2021.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all recommendations and verifications are turned in by that date.

Which headshot should I use?

Choose a headshot that best shows your personality. A vertical headshot with good contrast is best.

Should I choose Musical Theater or Acting Only?

This year, we are allowing applicants to apply for both Musical Theatre and Acting auditions. There is a special $75 rate to submit two applications, which will include two separate videos.


While we typically do a selection process for in-person applications, this year ALL applicants videos and resumes will be available for producers to view for up to one year from submission. This unique opportunity, gives you the chance to be seen by producers at anytime during the year.


How long can my audition video be? What should I do?

Performers can upload a TWO MINUTE AUDITION VIDEO. This will be strictly enforced and videos longer than two minutes will not be approved. Please slate your name at the start of your video.

Musical Theater should prepare one song (or two 16-bar samples) and one brief monologue. Live and pre-recorded music will be allowed.

Acting Only should prepare two brief contrasting monologues. Shakespearean monologues are not required.  Props and costumes are not recommended.

Be well prepared for your audition! Get help from an experienced director or coach when preparing your selections. Choose your selections carefully — producers have expressed displeasure with audition monologues that are overtly political, violent or obscene. Choose material that is appropriate to the types of theatres for which you are auditioning and to the shows generally done by these theatres, and with a realistic view as to what roles and productions in which you might actually be cast. Take your age and limitations into account when selecting characters or plays for your audition pieces. In other words, do characters and material you would conceivably play in a professional or summer theatre. Two minutes is a very limited time, and applicants are urged to prepare their selections carefully within the established time limit in order to showcase their talent to the best advantage.

What should I wear in my video?

Wear clothing that is simple and serviceable to your audition selections. Movement is very difficult to evaluate when the applicant is wearing boots or heavy clothing. Hair styles which hide features are detrimental. Costumes and props are unnecessary. Remember, this is a “job interview.” Dress accordingly.

What about callbacks? When will I know if I have been hired?

Callbacks will be done by individual companies. You will receive notification directly from the specific company with instructions if you are needed for a callback.


On your application, please check if you would be interested or willing to accept an internship or apprenticeship. Several of the theatres use these auditions to find applicants for their intern and Equity Membership Candidate programs. A few theatres, which offer internships / apprenticeships, charge a fee for these positions. Most offer some kind of benefit: a small stipend, room and/or board, college credit, an option to register as an Equity membership candidate, etc. Theatres offering internships and apprenticeships will furnish descriptions of their programs and benefits, and this information will be distributed to applicants at the auditions.

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