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Rates for Break a Leg Membership:

Basic Membership: Free

Premium Membership:  $4.99 per month

Upgraded Venue Membership:  $24.99 per month

Upgraded School Membership:  $14.99 per month

Upgraded Audition Company Membership:  $24.99 per month

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Note to Members:

You can now join premium membership for more benefits, which include:

  • uploading your resumes
  • a 90 second audition
  • 12 photos
  • a 3-minute Bio
    • The 3-minute Bio is a great place to describe yourself, your goals, and what makes you unique in your field of work. Technical people can use the 3-minute Bio for a power point or slide show of their work.

We will be working on adding a 60-second audition, specifically for performers and creating options that may help the technical members present their work better.

Any suggestions are much appreciated on what would help better serve the members. Please share this with us in the About & Contact area, or directly at Thank you for joining Break A Leg Network!


Dwayne Ague, Founder

Please contact us with any membership questions, problems or suggestions

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