5th Ave Theatre to Star Deaf Actor as Lead in Hunchback of Notre Dame

Deaf Actor to Play Quasimodo in Hunchback of Notre Dame

Deaf Actor to Star in Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical

Joshua Castille, like Quasimodo in Victor Hugo’s “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, is a deaf actor. Yet he has the skills of any hard-working actor. With hearing aids, he has been able to perform in many shows successfully, but this one will be different; Castille will perform without his hearing aids, making him go completely without hearing. Josh is set to do the entire song in American Sign Language (ASL), while actor E.J. Cardona will sing the lyrics.

“John came in and gave the most remarkable audition I’d ever seen”, “I could see how when an actor signs, it’s so moving for the audience, and the actor can really get inside of the character.”, said Glenn Casale, Veteran Director. Castille has been recognized for his performances in “Tribe’s” by Nina Raine and “Spring Awakening” at Deaf West Theatre.

The 5th Avenue Theatre is set to show seven entirely ASL-interpreted performances of “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. Innovating is important in any industry, and the 5th Avenue Theatre is taking it upon themselves to start something great.

Castille said, “You have to be yourself.  That’s why culturally, emotionally this show is really a good fit for the deaf community.”


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