Ear Training Month : Master Intervals

Master Intervals
We are kicking off a brand new series this month called Ear Training Month. When it comes to becoming a better musician of any kind, ear training is on the top of the list.

Having great ears can make all of the difference between a mediocre and a great jazz musician. The fundamentals of ear training are essential for playing what you hear in your head and developing the infrastructure needed to have killer ears.

Ear Training Month is preceding the launch of our brand new ear training course called “How to Play What You Hear.” This course was created to help students practice ear training in a structured way using 4 important steps.

Over the next 4 episodes we will be covering those 4 steps which are:

  1. Master Intervals.
  2. Recognize Chords.
  3. Recognize Chord Progressions.
  4. Translate What You Hear to Your Instrument.

This is a really important series. I hope you’ll be listening in over this next month.

In this episode:
1. Intro to Ear Training Month and why ear training is important.
2. Intervals and why they are important to learn.
3. How to learn intervals, recognize them and sing them.

You can listen to the Podcast below and click HERE to learn more.

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