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Everything You’d Ever Need to Know About the Oscars

Winning an Oscar is seen by most as the highest honor in the filmmaking industry. But as an outsider, are you curious of the origin of this esteemed award? Backstage answers your questions, such as when these awards began, who votes, and many more! READ ARTICLE via

One Hour, One Work of Art

BY: PETER CLOTHIER via It started with a telephone call more than 20 years ago. I had been briefly introduced to meditation at a workshop, and had begun to experiment with sitting for a few minutes in my daily life. Then, I heard about a sitting group near my home and called to inquire about it. The friendly woman on the phone told me, “We start by sitting in silence for an hour…” An hour! It loomed before me like an eternity when I first showed up. But by the end, I discovered that I was neither tortured nor bored silly, as I had feared, but instead, well, kind of exhilarated. I soon got hooked on meditation, and started to bring the same attention to other aspects of my life. As an “art critic,” I caught myself speed-walking through exhibitions and hurrying home to write ab...