Stage Management


Creede Repertory Theatre has lost a female Assistant Stage Manager and needs an immediate replacement. Starts as early as this week (June 12th) and runs through August 26th. This is a multi-show track running in rep. Non-Equity Position replacing female in a shared female housing situation. Email with resume and cover letter for specific contract information.    

Stage Manager 101: Who We Are & Why We’re Important

via   Cristina D’Almeida What does a Stage Manager do? It’s the hardest question I’m asked and one that people ask me almost every time I tell a person that I “SM” productions. I always struggle with where to start because there is literally so many aspects of the job. It is such a complex department of the theatre world and there is no single answer to the question. This is my approach and hopefully, I can offer some useful tips to all of you stage managers out there. For me, I usually like to start with discussing the rehearsal period for a stage manager because it is the longest period and one where you really learn the show and the working elements it takes to make the production come to life. One of the first jobs you have as a stage ma...