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How to Find the Passion for Auditioning

Auditioning. For some, it’s their least favorite part of the showbiz process. For others, they may thrive in the room. But let’s face it: auditioning is a necessity to be able to book work. How do you separate yourself from the pack without making choices that may disconnect you from your work? How do you prepare in a way that sets you up for success to be your most authentic self in the room? How do you find the passion for auditioning to be like those who thrive in the room? Take a look at this article for pointers on how to find some inspiration in auditioning, so you too can stand out from the pack. View Article via

Why I Became a Casting Director: An Interview with Julia Kim

Have you considered a career as a casting director? CastingNetworks sits down with casting director Julia Kim (“The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and “Starlet”), as she explains how she became a casting director and what drives her in this position. Learn below what it takes to be a casting director, discover your “why”, and be fearless to take the leap into the industry yourself! View Article

Audition Advice with Casting Director Christine Sheaks

Casting director Christine Sheaks (“Fargo”, “Boogie Nights”) knows what it means for an actor to impress in the audition room. Here’s her take on some best practices when it comes to auditioning: READ ARTICLE via

Parting the Clouds of Callbacks and Casting

BY LAURIE RECORDS via The commercial casting process shouldn’t be a mystery. While every job is unique, there is an underlying structure to the process that, in theory anyway, we’ve all committed to when casting commercials. Why? Because it works! When talking to actors, there seems to be a cloud around callbacks, specifically, what happens after the callback. The stakes are higher during callbacks and what happens after, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be as informed about this part of the process as you are about the rest. Because knowledge is power, let me shed some light on the process that ought to pierce the clouds of confusion and anxiety. Say you had a terrific callback. But what the heck happens next? For you, not all that much. Just make sure you’re cl...

Apply for Nickelodeon Casting -Spring ’19 Internships

Nickelodeon is accepting applications for both Live-Action & Animation Casting Internships for the 2019 Spring Semester. If you are a rising junior or senior in college, please check out our amazing program. This is a paid internship. Overview The Animation Casting Intern works on the Nickelodeon Animation Talent & Casting Team to support their VP, Director, Coordinator, and Assistant. The team oversees all Nickelodeon animated projects from original scripted series, pilots and movies, to digital and promo/short-form content.   The intern is expected to assist with preparation for record sessions and auditions, which includes creating binders, highlighting scripts, line counts, making copies and filing paperwork.   Interns may also be asked to assist with sitting in on record sessi...

What Casting Directors Look for in Auditions

BY NICK CLARK via As a new award seeks to give casting directors overdue recognition for their key role in shaping productions – not to mention actors’ careers – leading practitioners in the job tell Nick Clark what they believe makes a good casting director, how they started their careers, and what actors can do at auditions to impress them Casting is the “Cinderella” of the entertainment industry. Or so says actor and writer Mark Gatiss. “Too little attention is paid to the vital, and by no means simple, task of finding the right person, the right mix, the right chemistry for stage, television and film,” he has said. And The Sherlock and League of Gentlemen star is by no means the only person to think so. The Casting Directors’ Guild is so concerned that the craft is u...