Common Mistakes in Learning Musical Theater Songs

With the ever-changing landscape of Musical Theatre, sometimes the most fundamental elements of learning music get lost. Dr. Courtney Crouse, an Associate Professor of Voice at the Wanda L. Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University, brings us back to the basics of learning musical theatre songs. Check out her article and learn the “Tools of the Tune” to avoid those common mistakes. VIEW ARTICLE   Courtney Crouse Dr. Courtney Crouse is an Associate Professor of Voice at the Wanda L. Bass School of Music teaching advanced vocal pedagogy, vocal performance, opera, and musical theater majors. Crouse received her DM and MM from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and her BA from Texas Wesleyan University. She is also an active performer of operatic, musical th...

How to Find the Passion for Auditioning

Auditioning. For some, it’s their least favorite part of the showbiz process. For others, they may thrive in the room. But let’s face it: auditioning is a necessity to be able to book work. How do you separate yourself from the pack without making choices that may disconnect you from your work? How do you prepare in a way that sets you up for success to be your most authentic self in the room? How do you find the passion for auditioning to be like those who thrive in the room? Take a look at this article for pointers on how to find some inspiration in auditioning, so you too can stand out from the pack. View Article via

Understudying 3 Roles on Broadway

Have you ever had to understudy a role in a show? Do you remember the hours of preparation preparing your understudy track on top of your main role? Now, imagine this: You audition for a Broadway show and you get the call that you’ve been cast as the understudy of not one, not two, but three roles. Not only are you understudying three different roles, but they are three PRINCIPAL roles. This is exactly what Broadway veteran Sasha Hutchings is doing for the current revival of OKLAHOMA! on Broadway. Learn more of how she balances these three roles, as well as some tips for tapping into these different, distinct characters. VIEW ARTICLE via

SETC 2020 Registration – NOW OPEN!

2020 Spring Professional Auditions: Feb. 27-29, 2020  |  Louisville, KY  |  71st Annual SETC Convention Applications Open: Oct. 15 2019 @ Noon ET Early-Bird Deadline: Dec. 13 2019 @ Noon ET Final Deadline: Jan. 15 2020 @ Noon ET REGISTRATION INFORMATION  Actors, singers, and dancers must register for the SETC Convention and apply and be approved for an audition spot. Download the correct guideline packet for you, and call the SETC Central Office at 336-272-3645 to speak with April if you need any help Non-Equity Actors/Singers Equity Actors/Singers Dancer-Only   

Actor Advice: Auditioning at Unified General Auditions

Auditioning at any of the upcoming summer stock/year-round audition conventions? A volunteer for Seattle’s Unified General Auditions gives her advice on how to prepare your pieces for a successful audition. READ ARTICLE via

The Secret Life of Understudies on Philly’s Theater Scene

BY ZOE GROSSINGER via “Line?” Alanna J. Smith, decked out in emerald green face paint from head to toe and a witch’s black hat, yelled frantically to the stage manager. It was holiday season in 2016 and Smith was almost finished with her first staged production of The Wizard of Oz at the Walnut Street Theatre, having made zero mistakes so far. The line that slipped her mind? “I’m melting.” “Of course, the most famous line is the one I miss,” said Smith.   Not to worry. Smith, now an in-demand musical theater actress, was at the time an understudy for the Wicked Witch of the West role, and her flubbed line came during the “understudy run” of the production — a tradition in most Philadelphia theaters.   COURTESY WALNUT STREET THEAT Flubbing one key line as an underst...

Singing? How to Transition From Chest Voice to Head Voice

BY ARDEN KAYWIN via Does switching back and forth between chest and head voice give you anxiety? You’re not alone. The ability to transition from chest voice to head voice smoothly is the source of a lot of insecurity for many singers. And I don’t blame you! The middle voice can be tricky to negotiate and downright scary without good tools. Hopefully, the following insights will help. Many singers and voice teachers call this part of the voice “the break” because that’s exactly how it sounds and feels for many: like a fissure in your mechanism preventing you from moving fluidly from one register to another. Personally, I hate the term “the break.” I don’t use it and I encourage you to toss it out, too. The words we use to talk about our voices are important and using some...

Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships

Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships To demystify the application process and assist applicants with their Fox Foundation Resident Actor Fellowships proposals, TCG will be holding two info session via teleconference and webchat. The sessions will be held: Monday, September 17, 2018, 1pm-2pm Eastern Time and Thursday, September 20, 2018, 2pm-3pm Eastern Time. Description A fellowship for actors that supports their artistic and professional growth in collaboration with a TCG Member theatre. Grants will be awarded in each of the following two categories: Exceptional Merit $15,000 (with an additional $10,000 available to relieve student loan debt) supports actors who are established in their careers as working professionals with 10 years or more of professional experience. Those with less...

Register for the 2018 NYC Actors Pro Expo!

Have you registered for Actors Pro Expo New York? Saturday September 8th Radisson Martinique on Broadway 49 West 32nd Street New York, NY 10001 This year will be the 5th annual event in NYC! A day for actors to come along and network with the industry. There will be Seminars, Classes, 1- 2-1 career mentoring and open casting calls for 4 different feature films (all paid roles). General admission, Seminars, Career Mentioning and of course the opportunity to audition is all FREE! Industry-led classes will cost $30 each and should be booked in advance online. BOOK YOUR FREE TICKETS HERE! Classes line-up below: Securing Representation To Take Your Career To The Next Level Hosted By Fela Oke of CK Talent Management and Paul Reisman of Abrams Artists Management Successful Auditioning For A TV Se...

An MRI Reveals How the Vocal Tract Changes Singing Four Different Ways

BY LORI DORN via Using an MRI machine at the NYU Langone Voice Center, the very talented vocalist and teacher Tyley Rossbrilliantly demonstrated the changing physicality of his vocal tract as he sang the classic Puccini aria “Nessun Dorma” in four different ways; a light and heady mix, “forward facing Broadway”, “back and down Opera” and in a rock style. As seen through the MRI, each vocal style had its own set physical features. What you’re looking at here are comparative images of the same vowel being sung at the same moment in each vocal style. …take a moment to see for yourself how the anatomical features of the vocal tract that we can see here align differently in each style. How does the tongue position differently? How about the view on the mouth opening? How a...