The Best Vocal and Physical Warmup Exercises for Actors

No actor is ready without the proper warmup. To deliver a great performance, you must be in full command of your body and voice—and acting exercises are an important first step. BY BACKSTAGE STAFF | MARCH 3, 2022  

How to Find the Passion for Auditioning

Auditioning. For some, it’s their least favorite part of the showbiz process. For others, they may thrive in the room. But let’s face it: auditioning is a necessity to be able to book work. How do you separate yourself from the pack without making choices that may disconnect you from your work? How do you prepare in a way that sets you up for success to be your most authentic self in the room? How do you find the passion for auditioning to be like those who thrive in the room? Take a look at this article for pointers on how to find some inspiration in auditioning, so you too can stand out from the pack. View Article via

Understudying 3 Roles on Broadway

Have you ever had to understudy a role in a show? Do you remember the hours of preparation preparing your understudy track on top of your main role? Now, imagine this: You audition for a Broadway show and you get the call that you’ve been cast as the understudy of not one, not two, but three roles. Not only are you understudying three different roles, but they are three PRINCIPAL roles. This is exactly what Broadway veteran Sasha Hutchings is doing for the current revival of OKLAHOMA! on Broadway. Learn more of how she balances these three roles, as well as some tips for tapping into these different, distinct characters. VIEW ARTICLE via

PLAYHOUSE ALUMNUS IN THE RUNNING TO STAR IN “CHICAGO” ON BROADWAY November 05, 2019 at 4:00 pm | Bigfork Eagle _________________

Bigfork Summer Playhouse alumnus and Belmont University musical theatre senior Ginny Swanson was named a semi-finalist in the national search for Broadway’s next Roxie Hart in the hit musical, “Chicago.” Casting directors, producers and former stars of “Chicago” chose Swanson as one of only 10 semi-finalists from hundreds of applicants who submitted video auditions. Swanson spent the past summer performing at the Bigfork Summer Playhouse in “Seussical The Musical”, “Oklahoma!,” “Catch Me If You Can,” and “The Wedding Singer,” and was one of the recipients of the 2019 BSP Scholarships. Read More

SETC 2020 Registration – NOW OPEN!

2020 Spring Professional Auditions: Feb. 27-29, 2020  |  Louisville, KY  |  71st Annual SETC Convention Applications Open: Oct. 15 2019 @ Noon ET Early-Bird Deadline: Dec. 13 2019 @ Noon ET Final Deadline: Jan. 15 2020 @ Noon ET REGISTRATION INFORMATION  Actors, singers, and dancers must register for the SETC Convention and apply and be approved for an audition spot. Download the correct guideline packet for you, and call the SETC Central Office at 336-272-3645 to speak with April if you need any help Non-Equity Actors/Singers Equity Actors/Singers Dancer-Only   

How Game of Thrones has been great for British theatre

Game of Thrones has had a great impact on British theatre scene. Those actors that have been featured in the show, have also been seen on the stage. Thus, drawing larger crowds to the theatre. Not only are these fine actors featured on the big stages, but many can also be found on fringe stages throughout Britain.  The clout of GoT has touched the lives of actors and audiences alike, both on screen and off. READ ARTICLE via

A Day in the Life of a Stunt Double

Have you ever watched a film and needed to look twice to see if the star of the movie was performing a stunt? More often than not, they most likely had a stunt double performing those wicked moves. For those actors that are drawn to a more physical discipline, the career of a stunt double may be a good fit. Casting Networks speaks with stunt woman Katie Eischen about what her typical day is like both on and off the set. READ ARTICLE via

Actor Advice: Auditioning at Unified General Auditions

Auditioning at any of the upcoming summer stock/year-round audition conventions? A volunteer for Seattle’s Unified General Auditions gives her advice on how to prepare your pieces for a successful audition. READ ARTICLE via

The Secret Life of Understudies on Philly’s Theater Scene

BY ZOE GROSSINGER via “Line?” Alanna J. Smith, decked out in emerald green face paint from head to toe and a witch’s black hat, yelled frantically to the stage manager. It was holiday season in 2016 and Smith was almost finished with her first staged production of The Wizard of Oz at the Walnut Street Theatre, having made zero mistakes so far. The line that slipped her mind? “I’m melting.” “Of course, the most famous line is the one I miss,” said Smith.   Not to worry. Smith, now an in-demand musical theater actress, was at the time an understudy for the Wicked Witch of the West role, and her flubbed line came during the “understudy run” of the production — a tradition in most Philadelphia theaters.   COURTESY WALNUT STREET THEAT Flubbing one key line as an underst...

J.K. Simmons on ‘Counterpart’ Season 2 and the ‘Crushing’ Moment That Changed His Life

The Oscar-winning actor opens up about the twists and turns of ‘Counterpart’ season two, how he pulls off dual leading roles, and the ‘divergence’ point that changed his life. by: Nick Schager The only thing better than one J.K. Simmons is two, which is a significant reason Counterpart is a top contender for best new show on television. After completing a sterling initial season earlier this year, Justin Marks’ twisty-turny sci-fi saga begins its excellent sophomore run on Starz this Sunday (Dec. 9). As before, its focus is squarely on Howard Silk (Simmons), a Berlin-situated government employee entangled in a Cold War-esque spy game—the catch being that the two sides at war are not East and West, but our world and an identical parallel dimension we discovered thirty years ago that’s popul...

What to Know About Being on Set for the First Time

BY CASEY MINK via As an actor trying to break into the film or television world, you spend endless days and nights dreaming of the moment you can finally step onto a set. But what happens when you actually get there? Do you know how to conduct yourself professionally on camera and off? Do you know the faux pas to avoid so you don’t give away your status as a newbie? Do you know when to pipe up and, conversely, when to zip it? Do you know how the actor’s role relates to the director and producer? It’s OK if you weren’t able to answer “yes” to every one of these questions—even Meryl Streep once walked onto a set for the first time. (Though she was probably brilliant on that day, too.) We’re all allowed to start somewhere, and Backstage wants to make sure you are starting wi...

Finding Your Voice as a Voice Actor

BY RUDY GASKINS & JOAN BAKER via A common conversation in the art of voice acting revolves around the concept of “finding your voice.” It’s an important conversation to which every voice actor should pay close attention. As teachers of the voiceover craft for many years now, we’ve noticed that some students experience anxiety over this issue. Some confuse it with finding a niche or genre within which to find work. Others quickly move forward with little or no consideration to whether the concept has merit. “What is this mysterious voice that I have to find?” We have some guidance that will hopefully set your mind at ease. The good news is that it’s as natural as breathing and as plain as the nose on your face. A quick look at human physiology reveals that the voi...

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