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Broadway’s Amelie

Designers perpetually astound me. This week, I spoke to two of them: David Zinn, who dreamed up the magical set and costumes for Broadway’s Amelie, and Sandra Goldmark, whose set for Vanity Fair is a thrilling collision of metaphors. I love “reading” the design of a production, because understanding how sets, costumes, light, and sound impact a story can often be a key to unlocking everything.

Wayne Brady: Talk Less, Sing More

Read More   Wayne Brady, best known for his Emmy-winning TV work, is also at home onstage: He appeared on Broadway in Kinky Boots and is currently playing Aaron Burr in the Chicago cast of Hamilton through April 9. What’s your first theatrical memory? I think I was in first or second grade and was part of a school play or pageant. I saw James Brown on TV, and for my solo I decided to do a shimmy into one of the James Brown jazz splits. And I felt so cool onstage. That’s the feeling that I wanted to duplicate later in my life. My first time onstage doing a play was Dark of the Moon in high school my junior year. I walked onstage, got a bit of applause—I was playing a funny character named Uncle Smelicue Jed—and I thought, “Oh, this is what I want to do.”


EmptySpace Technology LLC, established in 2006, is committed to producing high quality internet applications and offering IT consulting for the live entertainment industry and its practitioners. Our Team Sam Anderson Partner / Founder Sam has always been enthralled by the performing arts and captivated by technology.  He created EmptySpace Technology to merge theses two specialties and build internet and mobile applications created specifically for arts organizations. Sam has worked in the entertainment industry as a Stage Manager and in the technology industry as an application designer.  He enjoys spending whatever time is left after all of that with his wife and two boys. Sam is a member of Actors’ Equity (AEA) as well as the United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT). Jason ...

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