On With The Show – Updated 06.17

With Broadway going dark and theatres around the country having to suspend or cancel their seasons amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists and theatre-goers are wondering “what happens next?”.  Theatres have pivoted to online streaming of archived shows and live-streamed readings of plays. Some companies have remained open, adhering to social distancing and safety guidelines. Creators around the world have persevered and are finding ways to keep the show going. Check this post for links and resources of how theatres and events around the country are creating during this time. Theatres Producing Through Summer 2020 Barrington Stage Company – Pittsfield, MA Barrington Stage Company will resume shows, beginning August 5th using Social Distancing and reduced capacity seating...

Financial Flaws: Are you guilty of these common mistakes?

Although this article is directed towards dancers, these 8 money mistakes could be applied to all artists in the entertainment industry. Are you guilty of any of these financial flaws? Learn what they are, advice to control your finances, and the freedom and security grow in your artistry. READ ARTICLE via  

Why Signing With an Agent Is Like Buying Into the Stock Market

Go for the long term investment when it comes to finding an agent. Your success as a performer may not be instantaneous, but it may end up being a long-term growth process from which you and your agent will profit. This article from Backstage gives a unique perspective from an agent’s point of view of how the entertainment industry can mirror the stock market. VIEW ARTICLE via

The New Agreement Recognizing Dancers’ Creative Contributions on Broadway

Under a new agreement made with Actor’s Equity Association and The Broadway League, actors and stage managers involved in the production of a new show will receive a cut of the earnings; ranging from more pay in developmental labs and workshops, to  1% of profits (up to ten years) after the show has reached its initial investment. This new deal for profit-sharing recognizes all the hard work done behind the scenes and on the stage, creating an equal and well-deserved payout. View Article via

Take Charge of Your Freelance Career

Finding the time and motivation to dedicate to your freelancing career can be tough. Often, you feel as though you are on your own and have to carve your own path. There are several tips, tricks, and tools that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Dance Magazine outlines five simple tips to help you with time management to get your career on track to achieve the goals you’ve set. READ ARTICLE via

Audition Advice with Casting Director Christine Sheaks

Casting director Christine Sheaks (“Fargo”, “Boogie Nights”) knows what it means for an actor to impress in the audition room. Here’s her take on some best practices when it comes to auditioning: READ ARTICLE via

8 Must-Haves for a Self-Tape Home Studio

Whether it’s a last minute on-camera audition, or a recording needed for an audio book submission, it is very helpful for actors to have the tools to create a home studio. Self-submissions are a common way to be seen for castings, especially if you are submitting to projects outside of the area in which you live. It may take time to accumulate the appropriate gear, but once you do, it’ll allow you to shine on film and for producers to focus on YOU and not the print of the wallpaper behind you! READ ARTICLE via

Actor Taxes: How to Prepare for the New Tax Law Changes

Taxes. The time of year we all dread because so often as artists, we don’t know where to begin or how to get the most bang for our buck. If you are filing your taxes yourself and are overwhelmed, take a look at these tips from Backstage. It’ll inform you on how to prepare for the tax season financially, emotionally, and practically. READ ARTICLE via

You Must Practice Gratitude for Successes Big + Small

Two little words can make a difference when it comes to booking your next job. Two little words can change someone’s day by taking the time to appreciate them. Two little words can set a positive example to all those around you. Two little words will help you express gratitude for success, no matter the size. Can you guess these two little words? READ ARTICLE via

The Drama Book Shop to Close Doors in 2019

BY OLIVIA CLEMENT via The 100-year-old performing arts bookstore is reportedly looking to relocate after facing a steep rent increase. The Drama Book Shop, which celebrated its 100th anniversary just last October, has told Crain’s New York Business that it will close the doors to its longtime home in midtown in early 2019. The performing arts book shop, which boasts an impressive collection of play and musical scripts, biographies, guides, and history books, will reportedly look to re-open elsewhere in the theatre district. The Drama Book Shop’s vice president Allen Hubby told Crain’s New York that the closure was due to a recent, and steep, rent increase. The company has occupied its home at 250 West 40th Street for almost 20 years. The theatre community...

Broadway Swings: Covering the Ensemble in Musical Theatre (BOOK)

In this textbook for performers, the position of a Swing-an Understudy for the Ensemble-on Broadway is examined from every angle, showing just how vital Swings are to the success of anmusical theatre production. Authors J. Austin Eyer and Lyndy Franklin Smith draw on their own experiences as performers, and gather first-hand stories from other Swings about the glories and hardships of their industry. The book features interviews with over 100 Broadway pros-Swing veterans, Stage Managers, Casting Directors, Choreographers, and Directors-including Rob Ashford, Susan Stroman, Jerry Mitchell, Larry Fuller, Tony Stevens, Beverley Randolph, and Frank DiLella. Broadway Swings is the ideal guide for anyone considering a career in this most unique of positions, or anyone curious about what really g...

Artistic Directors: Let’s Do Better

via At its national conference in St. Louis June 14-16, TCG asked four theatre leaders to answer the question: How does the role of artistic director need to change for today’s world? All four delivered these “vision statements” as speeches to fellow leaders assembled for an artistic directors summit on Friday, June 14. They are published here with their permission. Modeling a Better World Howard Shalwitz, artistic director, Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company. The theatre is a utopian enterprise that impacts our world by modeling a world that is better. It does this in a few different ways. It does it through the plays we produce on our stages, which, even though they are built on conflict, model the give and take of ideas, the depth of human struggle and connection, an...

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