Reading Recommendation: Set Design

George Ledo recommends two set design books on his blog The first is The Filmmaker’s Guide to Production Design by Vincent LoBrutto and the second book is Production Design for Screen: Visual Storytelling in Film and Television, by Jane Barnwell. Ledo points out in his recommendation that these two books focus mainly on the design element, rather than going into detail on the building of the set pieces. He also notes that these books are great reading for those looking to get a well-rounded view of set design that doesn’t only focus on the stage. VIEW ARTICLE via  

Halloween Playist: Broadway Edition

Looking to spice up your Halloween playlist this spooky season? Whether it’s a bad night at prom with CARRIE, a terrible visit at the “Dentist”, or a little lilting tune about death being just “Around the Corner”, here are 13 haunting show tunes to listen to this All Hallows Eve. (But beware the unlucky number #13!) VIEW ARTICLE via

Patti LuPone on getting bullied by Broadway. And why she keeps coming back.

In this interview from the New York Times Magazine, Patti LuPone gives readers a hard look at some of the truths behind her success. With the sheer resilience this Diva brings, both on and off stage, she knows that Broadway is exactly where she is meant to be. What keeps her coming back? Is it fame or art? Subscribe for a free subscription to the New York Times and find out what all LuPone dishes to the readers. VIEW ARTICLE via

New York & Los Angeles 2019 – Actors Pro Expo

Actors Pro Expo is a trade show to help creatives DEVELOP and SUSTAIN their career and to CREATE new opportunities for themselves. Attendees get to meet exhibitors from a wide range of services. Actors Pro Expo also offers exciting workshops and information-packed seminars led by a range of top industry professionals. Plus there are a limited number of expert 1-2-1 career building sessions to book on the day. But wait, there’s more! In addition to all these great offerings there will also be not one but TWO exclusive OPEN CASTING CALLS for a range of roles in film and theater! BUT HERE’S THE BEST BIT……… General admission is FREE, the open casting call is FREE (audition slots offered on a first-come-first-served basis), even our Seminars with leading industry-professionals AND expert 1-2-1 ...

SETC Pre-Screen Application – NOW OPEN

Are the SETC Professional Screening Auditions for me? These preliminary auditions are for those actors who wish to participate in the Spring Professional Auditions at the annual SETC Convention but who do not yet meet all of the professional qualifications required. Adults, senior citizens, and certain students* may register for SETC Screening Auditions. Please Note: Only a percentage of those participating in the Screening Auditions will be invited to advance to the Spring Professional Auditions held at the annual SETC Convention. The 71st annual SETC Convention will be held Feb. 26 – March 1, 2020, in Louisville, KY. Audition dates are Feb. 27-29, 2020 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday). You will be assigned to one of those dates based on the block of availability for which you are eligible. A...

How Dances Shook the World

La Volta. Charleston. Tango. Jitterbug. What do these four dances have in common? All four dances were questioned at their inception, some were found suggestive, others un-tame.  Though questioned at first, these dances changed the landscape of dance and partner dances throughout the world. BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” takes a look at the history of these dances and the impact they have had on dance today. History Extra gives a sneak peak at the renewing series by exploring these forbidden dances. View Article via

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Claire Warden: The First Broadway Credited Intimacy Director

In light of the #MeToo movement and safety in the workplace, intimacy direction has come in to the spotlight for production teams throughout the theatre, television, and film industry. Broadway intimacy director, Claire Warden, states in this article that intimacy direction “didn’t exist five years ago, in this form.” Now, what exactly does an intimacy director do? They choreograph scenes that involve any act of physical touch, scenes of nudity, simulated sex, and more. An intimacy director’s role in the rehearsal room or on set allows these sensitive moments to be worked on with precision, comfort, and consent. Through this, it lets these moments safely be done repeated on stage. In this article, Warden, Broadway’s first credited Intimacy Director, discusses her process and the importance...

Why Your Audition May Not Be Memorable – And How to Fix It

Auditioning. Some love it…perhaps most hate it…but it’s something that all actors have to do in order to get the job. It’s one of those tedious things in the industry where an actor has to put the work and the preparation in to their audition pieces. However, most face rejection in light of that work. Casting director Greg Apps goes in to detail on how to switch-up your audition process so that you aren’t giving an identical performance to every other audition. The goal is to stand-out and get, cast right? Learn how to change it up below! View Article

The Show Must Go On! Even in a Broadway Blackout…

The old adage “the show must go on” could not have been more true during a large blackout in Manhattan on July 13, 2019. While the lights of Broadway were out, the casts of “Hadestown”, “Rock of Ages”, “Waitress”, and “Come From Away” took to the streets to entertain their audiences with performances and sing-a-longs to songs from their shows. Read Article via

New Elaine Stritch Memoir “The End of Pretend” to Be Published

A new memoir is to be released about Broadway legend, Tony Award winner, and Emmy Award winner Elaine Stritch. Elaine Stritch: The End of Pretend, will be published by author John Bell in August. READ ARTICLE via


The Society of Properties Artisan Managers (S*P*A*M) is now accepting applications for its grants to help support early career props professionals. The deadline for each is May 15, 2019. Edie Whitsett Grant The Edie Whitsett Grant is an annual award given to an individual wishing to further their career in theatrical properties. This grant is to assist with expenses related to completing an internship, such as  transportation, housing, or other necessities. Edie Whitsett was the longtime property shop manager and a frequent designer at Seattle Children’s Theatre. She also created sets for Village Theatre, Seattle Opera, ACT Theatre, Pacific Northwest Ballet and other arts entities. Whitsett’s honors included an Artist Trust fellowship, a commission for an art installation at...