Theatre Masks Inspire Social Change

How Theater Masks are Used to Inspire Social Change BY JONATHAN BECKER This past summer 15 artists from eight states, Canada and UK gathered in the studio spaces to create new work using theater masks. The theme of the workshop was The Rise and Fall of the Other.  The intention was to create story that reflected the cycle that plagues humanity as concerns the ostracizing of those who are different or of the vilification of the outsider. Theatre masks inspired by masks from various world cultures were available to the workshop participants to use as is or to repurpose, repaint or modify in order to perform the stories invented by the three creative ensembles. Three stories were developed and performed for a small audience from community who provided very useful feedback following the presen...

EXPO CHICAGO: Contemporary & Modern Art

VIEW ART FROM AROUND THE GLOBE AT EXPO CHICAGO BY ROSALIND CUMMINGS-YEATES| The biggest international art event of the fall season kicks off with the sixth annual Expo Chicago, the international exposition of contemporary and modern art at Navy Pier, on September 14–17. An array of 135 galleries that hail from 58 cities and 25 countries will transform the Navy Pier festival hall into a colorful, global showcase. Art lovers can browse an exciting display of contemporary art works as well as attend panel discussions, view curated film and video and participate in special daily events. Notable galleries, including Lisbon’s Galeria Filomena Soares, China’s HDM Gallery and Chicago’s own Rhona Hoffman Gallery, will fill Navy Pier with installations from a ...

Ear Training Month : Master Intervals

BY BRENT VAARTSTRA – We are kicking off a brand new series this month called Ear Training Month. When it comes to becoming a better musician of any kind, ear training is on the top of the list. Having great ears can make all of the difference between a mediocre and a great jazz musician. The fundamentals of ear training are essential for playing what you hear in your head and developing the infrastructure needed to have killer ears. Ear Training Month is preceding the launch of our brand new ear training course called “How to Play What You Hear.” This course was created to help students practice ear training in a structured way using 4 important steps. Over the next 4 episodes we will be covering those 4 steps which are: Master Intervals. Recognize Chords. ...

How to Help Houston Theatres Recover from Hurricane Harvey

BY ADAM WAGNER – HOUSTON, TX:  After initial needs of recovery have been addressed, theatres may struggle to ask for assistance, know where to find help, or have difficulty in securing a place on the priority list of a rebuilding/recovery effort. Those of us in the theatre industry often function on minimal staff (if any) and funding. While major arts complexes may be prepared for a catastrophic weather event, there are other theatre organizations that serve underrepresented groups, youth, elderly, or people who can’t afford tickets to a play or musical. These smaller organizations won’t have the financial resources and human energy to apply for federal grants (for those who do, see info at the end of this blog post). These niche theatres and fringe groups have becom...

Lori’s Theatre Job Network

Lori’s Theatre Job Network “The purpose of this group is to share job postings for positions in technical theatre, theatre administration, theatre/entertainment consulting, and theatre in higher education.” You can Find this group on FACEBOOK.

Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency

About Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency We represent, train, educate and manage models, actors & music talent. We are based in Western Montana and provide talent and client services, workshops, consulting and various professional services regionally, nationally and internationally. We are known amongst top industry agents as being the best in the US for training and representation. 

Movement for Actors Nicole Potter, Barbara Adrian, Mary Fleischer

  In this updated rich resource for actors, renowned movement teachers and directors reveal the physical skills needed for the stage and the screen. Readers will gain remarkable insights into the physical skills and techniques used in a wide variety of performance styles through ready-to-use exercises and approaches. Included in this new edition are chapters covering:

An Interview with JK Simmons by Dwayne Ague

    When working in New York is there a specific direction one should take to find work? I honestly have no idea how to pursue theatre work in NY in 2016.  When I hit town in 1983, I just went to every open call I could (I had already gotten my Equity card at Seattle Rep) and stood in the snow with everybody else.  I did enough auditions that I finally learned I should stop trying so hard to be what I thought they were looking for and I started being myself and then showing them that I could sing a couple of different styles, or that I could do drama and comedy (if given the chance). Do you think anything in your education, training or experience helped you stick out from the rest? I think everything helps.  Certainly I learned a lot in college and at The Bigfork Summer Playhouse, but...

Tree Hugger

 A New Musical by Matt Wolfe and Bruce Monroe  Are you a fan of national parks? For several years now, I’ve been working with Bruce Monroe and some extremely talented friends to develop a musical about the life of John Muir, without whom the parks wouldn’t be what they are today. He was an adventurer with a poet’s heart, writing prose about nature that rivaled anything Thoreau or Emerson dared, and he spoke about America and its future with an authority and wit as sharp as Twain. At a crucial moment in American history, he was there to speak of the need for the beauty of the earth to be preserved, not just for survival’s sake, but for the soul’s. It’s a conversation that never goes away, and it’s certainly timely now. I finally finished a website f...

The Actor’s Business Plan

Jane Drake Brody’s achievements encompass a life of dealing with the Art, Science and Business of Acting. From directing (and costuming) Bye Bye, Birdie! at age sixteen in high school, to the recent publication of two landmark books; “The Actor’s Business Plan” and “Acting, Archetype and Neuroscience”, she has literally transformed the lives and careers of thousands of actors.

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