How Dances Shook the World

La Volta. Charleston. Tango. Jitterbug. What do these four dances have in common? All four dances were questioned at their inception, some were found suggestive, others un-tame.  Though questioned at first, these dances changed the landscape of dance and partner dances throughout the world. BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” takes a look at the history of these dances and the impact they have had on dance today. History Extra gives a sneak peak at the renewing series by exploring these forbidden dances. View Article via

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Claire Warden: The First Broadway Credited Intimacy Director

In light of the #MeToo movement and safety in the workplace, intimacy direction has come in to the spotlight for production teams throughout the theatre, television, and film industry. Broadway intimacy director, Claire Warden, states in this article that intimacy direction “didn’t exist five years ago, in this form.” Now, what exactly does an intimacy director do? They choreograph scenes that involve any act of physical touch, scenes of nudity, simulated sex, and more. An intimacy director’s role in the rehearsal room or on set allows these sensitive moments to be worked on with precision, comfort, and consent. Through this, it lets these moments safely be done repeated on stage. In this article, Warden, Broadway’s first credited Intimacy Director, discusses her process and the importance...

Why Your Audition May Not Be Memorable – And How to Fix It

Auditioning. Some love it…perhaps most hate it…but it’s something that all actors have to do in order to get the job. It’s one of those tedious things in the industry where an actor has to put the work and the preparation in to their audition pieces. However, most face rejection in light of that work. Casting director Greg Apps goes in to detail on how to switch-up your audition process so that you aren’t giving an identical performance to every other audition. The goal is to stand-out and get, cast right? Learn how to change it up below! View Article

The Show Must Go On! Even in a Broadway Blackout…

The old adage “the show must go on” could not have been more true during a large blackout in Manhattan on July 13, 2019. While the lights of Broadway were out, the casts of “Hadestown”, “Rock of Ages”, “Waitress”, and “Come From Away” took to the streets to entertain their audiences with performances and sing-a-longs to songs from their shows. Read Article via

New Elaine Stritch Memoir “The End of Pretend” to Be Published

A new memoir is to be released about Broadway legend, Tony Award winner, and Emmy Award winner Elaine Stritch. Elaine Stritch: The End of Pretend, will be published by author John Bell in August. READ ARTICLE via


The Society of Properties Artisan Managers (S*P*A*M) is now accepting applications for its grants to help support early career props professionals. The deadline for each is May 15, 2019. Edie Whitsett Grant The Edie Whitsett Grant is an annual award given to an individual wishing to further their career in theatrical properties. This grant is to assist with expenses related to completing an internship, such as  transportation, housing, or other necessities. Edie Whitsett was the longtime property shop manager and a frequent designer at Seattle Children’s Theatre. She also created sets for Village Theatre, Seattle Opera, ACT Theatre, Pacific Northwest Ballet and other arts entities. Whitsett’s honors included an Artist Trust fellowship, a commission for an art installation at...

Audio Engineering Society – Graduate Studies Grants – Apply by May 15!

The Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation is dedicated to encouraging the entry of talented students into the profession of audio engineering. Since its establishment in 1984, the Foundation has awarded grants for graduate studies to hundreds of exceptional applicants, many of whom have gone on to prominent and successful careers in the profession. We offer two types of scholarships: The AESEF Graduate Studies Grants and the Mary Lea Simpson Memorial Scholarship for a Recording Engineering Student. Graduate Studies Grants All applicants are required to have met these criteria: The successful completion of an undergraduate degree program (typically four years) at a recognized college or university A demonstrated commitment to audio engineering (or a related field) as a career cho...

You Must Practice Gratitude for Successes Big + Small

Two little words can make a difference when it comes to booking your next job. Two little words can change someone’s day by taking the time to appreciate them. Two little words can set a positive example to all those around you. Two little words will help you express gratitude for success, no matter the size. Can you guess these two little words? READ ARTICLE via

Everything You’d Ever Need to Know About the Oscars

Winning an Oscar is seen by most as the highest honor in the filmmaking industry. But as an outsider, are you curious of the origin of this esteemed award? Backstage answers your questions, such as when these awards began, who votes, and many more! READ ARTICLE via

Stars and Stand-Ins: Hollywood’s Unsung Heroes Step Into the Spotlight

Similar to a stunt double, the stars in Hollywood have stand-ins on set, many of who they work with for years. For example, Jeff Bridges has been working with his stand-in Lloyd Catlett for five decades. The Hollywood Reporter takes an inside look at the bonds formed between stars and their stand-ins; including Jeff Bridges, Ed Harris, Sterling K. Brown, and more! READ ARTICLE via

Where Does Your Favorite Broadway Couple Land On This Theatrical Love Scale?

Valentine’s Day is drawing near, but how do Broadway’s most famous fictional couples line up on the the Love Scale? This graphic from Playbill breaks it down for us. Can you say #BroadwayCouplesGoals ?! READ ARTICLE