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Broadway Stars Share Their Rejections On Social Media

Broadway is a tough industry, and if you’re going to pursue a career in theatre you’ve got to be prepared to face rejection fairly regularly.

Though performers will often take to social media to share exciting news like booking a gig, very few will openly talk about jobs they didn’t book.

This weekend, that changed when much of Broadway took to Twitter to participate in #ShareYourRejection – where performers talked about jobs they didn’t book and how though at the time it seemed hopeless, they soon rebounded.

Check out some of the highlights from stars like Kelli O’HaraIdina MenzelRachel BloomPatti MurinMorgan James and more below…

Do you have a rejection story you would like to share? #ShareYourRejection in the comments below!

Kelli O’Hara


I had 6 callbacks for Nessrose for the original cast of Wicked on Broadway and didn’t get the job but as it was opening in June of 2003, I found myself in Seattle working on a brand new, artsy musical called “The Light in the Piazza,” so that’s okay😅


Taylor Louderman


I was replaced from an off-Bway show a few days before opening and thought it was a sign I should give up. A few weeks later I joined @KinkyBootsBway and never looked back.


Ben Crawford@crawdady21

I’ve been replaced after an offer, lied to my face, told my career didn’t follow “a proper direction”, even been told I needed to go back to school to be successful by a director hours before an opening AND NOW I’M THE GOD DAMN PHANTOM BITCHES


Jemal Felix@JustJem

I interviewed for a ‘front of house’ job at the Adelphi. Didn’t hear back. 👀. Couple of weeks later I found out I was gonna be in Kinky Boots…. at the Adelphi.


james m. iglehart


Got to the final call backs of Sister Act on Bway. Got to sing for @AIMenken & proceeded to crack the biggest crack I have ever cracked! Then came those 2 words “Thank You”. 2 months later I was back in front of Alan for another final call back.


Alice Fearn


At a professional panel day in my 3rd yr at drama school I was told by a noted agent, director and casting director that “We just don’t see where you fit in the industry”…

(sorry I can’t finish this tweet I’m just preparing for two shows as Elphaba) 💪🏼


Idina Menzel


Exactly. And I auditioned and did not get a show called Faust directed by Michael Greif but then he called me in for Maureen in @RentTheMusical You never know…. although @kelliohara it would have been nice to play sisters. Xoxo

Kelli O’Hara


I had 6 callbacks for Nessrose for the original cast of Wicked on Broadway and didn’t get the job but as it was opening in June of 2003, I found myself in Seattle working on a brand new, artsy musical called “The Light in the Piazza,” so that’s okay😅#ShareYourRejection


Ariana DeBose


I was voted off week 1 of @DANCEonFOX season 6 top 20 while 6 million ppl watched… today I’m an OG of @HamiltonMusical & a @TheTonyAwards nominated actress for @DonnaSummerBway.


Alex Boniello


I got rejected from every acting program I auditioned for except Wagner, and then it took me 727 auditions (this is a real number and doesn’t count callbacks) before I made my broadway debut.


Christopher Rice


Auditioned for 13 MT schools. Only got in 1 that I couldn’t afford. When I finally got into a program, my dance teacher told me I would never be a dancer, voice teacher told me I wouldn’t be a singer. Now my name & face are on advertisements for the program.


Patti Murin


I was replaced in a show that was going to Broadway after I had played the leading role for 4 months out of town. They also made me reaudition only to tell me no. Now I’m Princess Anna in .


Rory O’Malley


I was @cmudrama but didn’t get into their musical theater program, so I paid for voice lessons with a professor. 2 months in, the professor said a student was leaving so I was getting his spot! Wonder what ever happened to that guy? Someone named @joshgroban😜


Taylor Jones@TaylorImanJones

At 18 I wanted to be the host of the dolphin show at Six Flags, they told me I was lacking stage presence and I didn’t get the job. At 26, I’m making my principle debut in my second broadway show. WHOSE GOT STAGE PRESENCE NOW!?!?! 🙋🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️👸🏾🐬

Lesli Margherita


I share my rejections a lot b/c I get A LOT of rejections but then some peeps are all “oh boo hoo u didnt get it, some of us dont even get the chance 2 b rejected” so they are rejecting my rejections & then I feel rejected all over again its a vicious cycle


Jeff Heimbrock


I got cut after the first round for the non-equity tour of West Side Story. Two months later I got The Book of Mormon on Broadway.


Nicholas Barasch


Found out from a Playbill article that I was replaced from an incoming Broadway show after the director called me to say how excited they were to work with me. The show closed in less than 3 weeks.


morgan james


I was rejected by @JuilliardSchool drama and waitlisted in the music program. To which I responded with a campaign of begging + convincing + appeals. Which worked 😇


Corey Cott


I ran for my 8th grade class President with the campaign slogan “I will go the EXTRA mile” and bought all 154 kids in my class a pack of EXTRA gum. Still lost. 3 days later, I realized that getting another round of blonde highlights was probably a bad idea.


Rachel Bloom


Literally hours before I graduated from college, I auditioned for two theater managers that told me I wasn’t ready for show business. Then, I went back to my dorm, put on my cap and gown and graduated.

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