fellowship, scholarship, theatre for the very young, AATE Symposium 2019The Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship

The Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship Committee is pleased to announce the annual Doyle Fellowship, named for the Doyles for a lifetime of creative work in Theatre for Youth. This award will be given to an outstanding graduate-level student of demonstrated artistic ability in the area of Theatre for Youth. In addition, the candidate should indicate a professional interest in pursuing career goals consistent with the legacy of the Doyles.

To qualify, the student must be enrolled in a graduate degree program in a United States college or university with a theatre program that supports drama and theatre for youth. The student must have at least one additional year of study to complete. Nomination letters from graduate programs should clearly reference the requirements listed above and are due January 25, 2019. Application materials from nominees are due March 15, 2019. All nomination letters and applications will be submitted electronically.

Applicants are judged on artistic potential based on strength of submitted materials and recommendations about artistic work indications of strong professional interest and growth; successful performance in some aspect of theatre for youth including directing, acting, designing, playwriting; overall grade point average in theatre and related arts in undergraduate and graduate school. A committee of three persons, representing the Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellowship, will make the final selection. Send applications or for further information regarding the 2019 Doyle Fellowship contact: Betsy Quinn at

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