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The Break A Leg network was designed to create a place where all people involved in the creation of theatre art can connect, learn, and research legitimate jobs in a focused, reliable, and on an easy-to-navigate website. We hope you will help us grow our social network for the entertainment industry so we can help the community! I am hoping this will help narrow a giant field of information in an industry I have enjoyed being a part of. The staff and I hope to include recourses and tips that have helped us succeed or we have found valuable in our selected fields. Finding, getting, and even succeeding in the entertainment world is tough and Break A Leg Network is intended and will be dedicated to helping its members in their ADVENTURES.


An Interview with JK Simmons with Dwayne Ague

    When working in New York is there a specific direction one should take to find work? I honestly have no idea how to pursue theatre work in NY in 2016. ...

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