Mid West Theatre Auditions

Dear Friends of Mid West Theatre Auditions,


Webster University and the Sargent Conservatory of Theatre Arts have been proud hosts of the Mid West Theatre Auditions for decades. As many of you know, hundreds of students and professionals from throughout the Midwest flocked to Webster University to audition/interview for theatre companies.

 When the pandemic hit, for safety reasons, auditions quickly moved to the virtual realm. When COVID-19 restrictions were eased, many “open call” theatre auditions and thespian festivals across the United States continued in the virtual format.

 Unfortunately, that has now impacted the Mid West Theatre Auditions as well. When we attempted a re-launch in February of 2022, only three theatre companies were slated to attend despite the downward trend in COVID cases.

 After reaching out to several theatre companies who have attended in the past, many said their budgets were very tight and that they were comfortable doing their “open call” casting virtually.

 Due to the significant decline in theatre companies wishing to attend the event, and the rise of the virtual platforms for audition and interview, the Mid West Theatre Auditions program has been discontinued.

 We know there will be many who are disappointed by this news, and we at Webster are among those. This decision was not taken lightly.

 The pandemic has changed many things for our profession, and we regret that this in-person audition/interview experience will not continue. We appreciate your understanding as we move forward.


Paul Steger

Dean, Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts